Here at Cerrado Coffee, we stock and sell a wide range of products designed for vending style coffee machines including: freeze dried instant coffee, chocolate powder, powdered milk, chai tea or latte powders and vending cups.


Cappuccino froth top | 8 x 1kg
Cappuccino froth top Available Options
8 x 1kg


For those looking for fresh milk taste and a great crema on cappuccinos and lattes. There is no compromise on taste; every cup is pure and creamy and bares no comparison to other powdered milks on the market. Price $96

Vending chocolate |12 x 750g
Vending chocolate Available Options
12 x 750g


Our Premium chocolate vending powder, is coco mixed with milk and sugar for a great chocolate taste. This chocolate powder is designed to flow smoothly in vending machines and provide a great hot chocolate taste. Price $84

Chai LatteSpice | 12 x 1kg
Chai LatteSpice Available Options
12 x 1kg

Vanilla Arkadia Instant Chai Tea is an exotic blend of black tea, exotic flavours and aromatic spices offering a spicy and creamy, vanilla taste. Price $165

Brazillian Freeze Dried Coffee: Cerrado Gold
Brazillian Freeze Dried Coffee: Cerrado Gold  


The Cerrado Gold range offers premium quality ingredients at a realistic price ideally suited for use at home or at the office. Cerrado Gold is a medium strength blend of freeze-dried coffees suitable for all day drinking. 

Product Recommended throw : 1.6-1.9 g per cup. Price $40 per kilo

Vending cups | 2,000 cups per box
Vending cups Available Options
2,000 cups per box

8 oz vending paper cups. Price $165