At Cerrado coffee we excel in providing you and your work environment with a wide range of Bean to Cup coffee Vending machines, products and services.

We supply a range of Cerrado coffee Bean to Cup machines to suit any workplace at NO cost to you!

Easy to make Cafe Quality Coffee at work with our user-friendly Bean to Cup machines at the push of a button.

No lock in contract, service or maintenance costs for any of the Bean to Cup machines. 


  • Internal bean grinder for fresh coffee            

  • Press a single button for each coffee            

  • Coffee and Chocolae drinks

  • Drops cups, sugar from inside the machine

  • Uses milk powder to reduce cleaning and preparation time

  • Ability to take coins and give change. Can be fitted with a note acceptor

  • Can be plumbed to water connection or draw water from internal 2 x 20lt water bottles

Vending PACKAGES  


OPTION ONE:  This is the coin-operated system. Each staff member pays for his/her beverage every time they use the machine. Call us for more information.


OPTION TWO: This is the free vend system where employees get their coffees for free and the company pays for all the beverage expenses.  Call us for more information.


OPTION THREE: This is the subsidy system. Both staff members and company contribute towards the beverage consumption. Staff will be paying a small amount per cup and the company pays a fixed rate per month. Call us for more information.


Breakdowns: A Cerrado coffee employee will attend the machine within a few hours of a service call.


Liabilities: Cerrado coffee is fully liable for any damage or vandalism that is done on the machine. we will reimburse any money that is lost due to a malfunction of the machine.


Bianchi Gaia bean to cup| Instant and Fresh Milk version
Bianchi Gaia bean to cup Available Options
Instant and Fresh Milk version

The Bianchi Gaia is a compact and simple to use bean-to-cup coffee machine that uses coffee beans, soluble powder milk and chocolate powder.

The Gaia is supplied in two versions, one for connection to mains water and the other with a self-contained 3.6L water tank.

The machine produces 8 drink selections including hot water for tea. Bianchi’s terrific design produces very high quality drinks.

A coin acceptor can be fitted if required. Optional stand is available.



Made in Italy

Available Products: Short espresso, Long espresso, Cafe Latte, MocaccinoMacchiato, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate. Hot water button for tea

Optional coin operated vending


Technical Specifications

DRINK SELECTIONS                                    8 

NUMBER OF PRODUCT CANISTERS      3 product canisters 

W X H X D mm                                                 445x 530x 385 mm

WEIGHT                                                            22kg

WATER SUPPLY                                             3.6ltr water tank or direct connection