Our ethos is that everything we do at Cerrado Coffee is about the flavor in the cup. Well-crafted coffee begins with carefully selected high quality coffees beans from the world’s renowned coffee growing regions and from some of the best coffee farms in the world.


World-class coffee also depends on the execution of roasting; a good roaster needs the intuition of an artist and the work ethic of a craftsman. He is an Italian master and a coffee nut, crafting beautiful coffee blends, here in the outskirts of Melbourne. Finally, freshness is essential for quality coffee and for extracting the perfect espresso. We batch roast and dispatch daily, from our Melbourne roasterie to ensure maximum freshness.

Cerrado Premium|1kg
Cerrado Premium Available Options


Modern and unique! A tantalising blend with a sweet, floral beginning that lengthens to a smooth and full-bodied taste with a surprise chocolate ending. Perfect for all coffee loving palates.  This is a medium roast. Price $28

Cerrado Crema|1kg/500g
Cerrado Crema Available Options

Delicately blended to coax a soft, smooth earthy taste that lightly washes over the palate, making it an ideal accompaniment to desserts or as a refreshing ultimo corso to any meal. Price $25 per kilo/ $14 per 500g

Cerrado Espresso|1kg/500g
Cerrado Espresso Available Options

Strong Coffee. Not for the weak. Full caffeine hit. Those who need a pick me up anytime of the day. Price $18 per kilo/ $10 per 500g

Papua New Guinea|1kg
Papua New Guinea Available Options

We slow hand roast these fruity beans to intensify the flavour. The fruit is so concentrated it infuses the earthy coffee taste with a luscious caramel finish. Price $33

Brazil Available Options

Espresso lovers will be loudly singing your praises when presented with this rich and authentic blend. A full-bodied intensely satisfying coffee served short and black on the run, or long with a velvety crema for sipping. Price $33

Rainforest alliance|1kg
Rainforest alliance Available Options

We support sustainable coffee growing, particularly in parts of the world where the beans are superb and the livelihoods of generations of coffee growers depend on it. It is an international non profitable organization dedicated to suitable practice. Price $36

Decaf Mountain Water Organic|1kg/500g
Decaf Mountain Water Organic Available Options

If taste is everything, then process is paramount to us. We choose Mountain Water Process because it is chemical-free, environmentally friendly and 99.9% caffeine-free, while leaving all of the bean’s origin and flavour characteristics in tact. 

Price $30 per kilo/ $15 per 500g

Coffee Pods| 150 pods per box
Coffee Pods Available Options
150 pods per box

Description: The pod is a portion of roasted and ground coffee, pressed between two special layers of filter paper and finally packaged in a protective atmosphere of a sealed envelope. Suitable for the pod machines we stock. Check out in "coffee machines and grinders" section.  Price $82.50

Brazilian Freeze Dry Coffee: Cerrado Gold| 12 x 250g (3kg)
Brazilian Freeze Dry Coffee: Cerrado Gold Available Options
12 x 250g (3kg)

The Cerrado Gold range offers premium quality ingredients at a realistic price ideally suited for use at home or at the office. Cerrado Gold is a medium strength blend of freeze-dried coffees suitable for all day drinking. 

Product Recommended throw : 1.6-1.9 g per cup. Price $35 per kilo