Here at Cerrado Coffee, we stock everything you need to keep your coffee machine clean and running well. 


We stock a wide range of de-scaling, cleaning and sanitizing products for all traditional and automatic machines.


We are able to supply you the appropriate cleaning goods to match the coffee machine you have. All you have to do, is let us know the brand of your machine. 


 Rinza Milk Liner Cleaner- Urnex|32 oz/ 946ml.
Rinza Milk Liner Cleaner- Urnex Available Options
32 oz/ 946ml.

Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner is specifically designed for use on the milk systems of coffee and espresso equipment. An integral component in the daily cleaning regimen, Rinza easily removes milk residue that can build up on steam wands, valves and tubes. Suitable for use on automatic milk frothers, manualsteam wands, traditional and super-automatic espresso machines. Price $39.95

Cafiza Cleaning|Tablets 60pack
Cafiza Cleaning Available Options
Tablets 60pack

Cafiza Cleaning Tablets are specifically designed for use in automatic and super-automatic coffee machines. Urnex works closely with machine manufacturers to develop a high quality product that cleans and dissolves effectively. you can also use these tablets to back-flush traditional machines. Suitable Nuova Simonelli, Saeco and home automatic machines. Price $49.95

Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder|Cafiza OMRI 566gr- Urnex
Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder Available Options
Cafiza OMRI 566gr- Urnex

Cafiza OMRI by Urnex has been certified and listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute as suitable for use with equipment using organic coffee. Suitable for daily cleaning and back-flushing and the removal of built up coffee oils and grounds from group heads, baskets and related components. Price $29.95

Monster Cloth|2 Pack
Monster Cloth Available Options
2 Pack

Using a special blend of polymide & polyester, this special heavy duty microfibre cloth set lifts and traps dirt, grime, grease, fingerprints and can be used on any cleaning application. Conventional fibre cloths only lift a small amount of dirt and grime before becomingn clogged and end up just pushing the impurities around the cleaning surface. The Monster microfibre Cloth is made from material that is 20 times finer than silk and has an unbelievable capacity to trap and lift dirt and grime. Includes two high capacity, extra large cloths. Price $15.95

The Clean Machine Barista Cloth Set
The Clean Machine Barista Cloth Set  

The Clean Machiine Barista Cloth set offers a commercial quality hard wearing set of microfibre cloths. The brown coffee cloth has a generous length and clip for quick and easy use. The blue steam wand cloth creates the perfect companion around the machine being able to be folded and reused effectively many times before rinsing is required. Price $14.95