To make exceptional coffee you need the right accessories to compliment your coffee machine. Here at Cerrado Coffee we stock a wide range of accessories for your coffee machine including milk thermometers, milk jugs, shakers, knock boxes, fridges and more.


We have many more available products in stock. All you have to do is call and ask us!


Barista Kit
Barista Kit  

This great kit has all the essentials you need to get started with any domestic coffee machine. Great as a gift idea or just to get you on track to enjoying great coffee. We can also customise a kit up to suit your business or machines!!! Price $99.95

Chocolate shaker
Chocolate shaker  

Available in : Stainless steel Grey Black. Price $10.95

Coffee Knockout Bin|175mm, Black
Coffee Knockout Bin Available Options
175mm, Black
Colours: Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Silver, Red, Black
Coffee Knockout Bin|300mm tall, Commercial
Coffee Knockout Bin Available Options
300mm tall, Commercial

NEW  DESIGN  -  Removable  top  &  flared  collar  for  easy  cleaning. Price $79 

Coffee Knout Bin|Large, Commercial- Removable top
Coffee Knout Bin Available Options
Large, Commercial- Removable top

NEW  DESIGN-  Removable  top  &  flared  collar  for  easy  cleaning. Price $99

Stainless Steel Tamper/ Compact 2 in 1 Tamp & Mat|58mm
Stainless Steel Tamper/ Compact 2 in 1 Tamp & Mat Available Options

Stainless Steel Tamper  Price $49.95

Compact 2 in 1 Tamp and Mat Price $54.95

Machiatto Pitcher|360ML
Machiatto Pitcher Available Options

Price $16.95

Spouted Bell Pitcher|500ML
Spouted Bell Pitcher Available Options

Price $33.95

Side Fridge | 21 Ltr
Side Fridge Available Options
21 Ltr

 Smart looking black finish Manual temperature adjustment Compressor driven Self closing door

Dimensions- 33 x 41 x 47 cm (BxDxH) Weight 15 kg. Price $400